Really? I might expect this of the populace in the hinterlands where this annoying meme got its hoax start, but here in San Francisco? During a goddamn vigil for the Charlie Hebdo massacre? Come on, people.

As SF Weekly shows us, KRON 4 reporter Scott Rates became a victim of the "Fuck Her Right In the Pussy" prank meme while broadcasting live on Wednesday evening from outside the French consulate, where a large vigil was occurring following the tragic events in Paris that morning.

It's not a fully successful example, from the prankster's standpoint, because you can't completely hear what he says and Rates was just signing off. Also, the KRON 4 anchor chooses just to ignore what just happened.

Anyway, if you've been under a rock and missed the spate of these newscast-ruining incidents, here's a compilation, via Gawker.