Pando Daily, the Silicon Valley blog that claims it's there to "speak truth to the new power" but which ends up mostly being an angry-making, inside-baseball Uber-hate fest, is hosting some sort of symposium later this month in SF called "Don't Be Awful." This will include a 24-hour "global conversation" led from a stage full of geeks and tech pundits about how to make Silicon Valley "less awful," and more morally accountable, or something.

This is happening on January 24th, starting at noon. And then the site promises to spend all of 2015 "hosting a series of events, editorial features, live broadcasts and more" all on the topic of reducing awfulness.

The irony, as competitor site Valleywag is quick to point out, is "Pando — Pando! — wants to show Silicon Valley how to become less awful."

And yes, editors Paul Carr and Sarah Lacy will allegedly be awake that whole 24 hours "to keep the conversation flowing." They're actively seeking speakers for the 48 half-hour slots of this sure-to-be-mind-blowing event. There's also "$7500 in prizes for the best ideas hatched during the event."

Anyone? Bueller?