It's 2015, so why aren't you renting out all of your stuff on the internet? Your apartment is a hotel, your car is a taxi, and now your bike belongs to the block thanks to sharing economy company Spinlister.

Spinlister, the Chronicle reports, is popular with travelers looking for a bike in a new city. In fact, about 90% of renters are tourists. But Spinlister has also partnered with IronMan to provide bikes for its triathlons. And, like Airbnb, the site lists plenty of unique and cool looking options you wouldn't normally get to try, so it might be good for locals to use?

Rentals range from about $5 to $150 per day, with Spinlister putting parties in contact and letting them do the rest. For that, the company takes a 17.5% cut and also insures each bike rented through the site for up to $10,000 for repair or replacement. Renters stand to make $500 a month, the site advertises. And it's not just for bikes, either. Now on Spinlister you can rent out your skis, snowboard, surfboard, or SUP (stand up paddle board).

Spinlister itself has been around the block. It's once "risen from the dead" according to TechCrunch. In 2013 Marcelo Loureiro, a Brazilian entrepreneur who seed funded the company, took over operations. Despite $2 million in that seed round, the site had gone dark after the company "pivoted" super weirdly into file sharing, even changing its name.

But it looks like Spinlister is back, for now, begging the important question: Where's the line on what we will and won't share? Last year, Wired wrote that Airbnb and Lyft got us to "trust eachother." Then New York magazine wrote that it was actually about desperation and tough economic times. Is Spinlister a bellwether of "Airbnb-for-x" sites?

Anyway, the company is making a push locally to increase its member numbers, which are kind of low at around 2,000. And that push seems real enough, with this banner ad appearing on the Chronicle article after I visited Spinlister's website: