At sometime after 5 p.m. Sunday police shot and killed a 32-year-old white man who had a BB or air gun in the parking lot of the Mission Police Station.

Though an eyewitness for Mission Local originally reported that the man "opened fire" on officers at the station, Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters that the man in fact drew a toy weapon in the parking lot and was shot 3 times by two officers.

Three officers had approached the suspect, who was reportedly loitering in the parking lot which is not open to the public. When the man refused to leave, they approached him once again and, says Suhr, “He went to his waistband where there was the butt of a gun and drew a weapon. Two sergeants fired, hit him three times."

The incident closed Valencia Street between 17th and 18th Streets as well as several nearby businesses.

Suhr says the man had approached officers earlier in the day at 16th and Mission Streets to ask them what guns they carried. “Officers at the time found this very curious, but nothing played out at the time,” Suhr said. According to CBS 5 and the Chronicle, the man underwent surgery and later died at San Francisco General Hospital.

Update: The police have released what appears to be a suicide note from the man.

And Here's some further description of the incident, via the New York Times.