Annoyed by the idea of sending actual holiday cards but nonetheless charmed by the idea of holiday cards? Well, a collaborative project called GIF the Halls has arrived to let you send out greetings to friends and loved ones in the form of 100-foot, ephemeral GIFs which will be projected on prominent walls along Market Street starting this weekend.

You can enter a greeting and choose a card here, and it will be projected at some point between 6 p.m. Saturday and Tuesday, December 23rd. They'll be seen at two highly trafficked locations: 687 Market Street (near 3rd) and 785 Market Street (near Yerba Buena Lane, as shown above). Also, WP Engine Labs, one of the collaborators on the project, will send everyone a digital copy of their cards afterwards.

The project also included the collaborations of designers 10 Up, and the Gray Area Foundation.

Anyway, it's fun. And free. And wastes no paper. Try it.