My neighbor trucked in snow for her holiday party last night. #guesswho #mysiliconvalley #paloalto

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Plummeting through an Instagram hashtag wormhole, we stumbled across this four-day-old photo of, the photographer says, the home of a Palo Alto resident who "trucked in snow for her holiday party last night."

"Oh, Marissa," one commenter to the photo responds. Perhaps an implication that the snow-baller is Yahoo CEO/Scathing Profile Subject Marissa Mayer, who owns multiple properties in Palo Alto?

It almost doesn't matter. (Almost.) The fact is, on the same week that Palo Alto got inches upon inches of rain, someone still decked their halls with a shit-ton of snow, then, as if that weren't enough, arranged a bunch of white-upholstered couches outside, elements be damned. That's some serious chutzpah.

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[h/t SF Gate]