CBS 5 brings us the heartwarming tale of a Sausalito man named Alioto (not clear on the relation to the San Francisco Aliotos) and his dog Daisy, who he thought had drowned when his houseboat sank during Thursday night's rainpocalypse.

Steve Alioto went to help a friend during the storm, leaving Daisy at home on the houseboat anchored in Richardson Bay, but when he returned, he says, "All I saw was the mast sticking out of the water." He thought the dog had been trapped and went down with the houseboat, but as it turns out, the smart pooch got out of the house, swam a mile and a half to shore, and made her way to a church where she and her human sometimes got free meals. The reverend there thought he recognized the dog, and on Friday, when Steve happened by, the two were reunited. See him tell about the tearful reunion in the video above.

Though they're both homeless now, and sleeping at a friend's place, at least they're together.