Brazilians, for some reason which I'll say at the outset no one seems to know, have been sending an astounding number of likes, stickers, and comments to Mark Zuckerberg's timeline, TechCrunch reports. Is the Facebook CEO now the master of a troll army, or just at its mercy?

The stream of comments and jokes, many incomprehensible to Zuck unless he's been studying Portuguese in addition to Mandarin, has kept up for several days without pause.
TechCrunch says that "The messages and comments currently visible don’t speak to any specific agenda or complaint against Facebook or its founder, but rather seem to be random, and sometimes bizarre, posts typical to spam attacks instigated by trolls."

The two main posts being trolled are Zuckerberg's post about his marriage to Priscilla Chan with over 187,714 comments so far and his post about becoming a vegetarian you know, except for meat he kills himself. That one's got 110,371 comments. No idea why anyone would troll a normal post like that.

One link in a news article points at a Facebook group calling itself “Floodando tio Mark,” or Flood the Mark as TechCrunch translates. You can't join the closed group, but go ahead, send a sticker if you 'Like" Mark!