Remember Anthony Bejerano, the man the SFPD nabbed back in June for allegedly setting more than a dozen small fires around SoMa and the Mission, including one in the parking garage at One Rincon Hill that totaled someone's Mercedes? Well, he went to trial for the Mercedes fire, and the Public Defender's Office today announced that Bejerano was acquitted. In Bejerano's defense they argued that the sole eyewitness identification at the parking garage, made by a valet, was "made in a highly suggestive manner — based on a single photo instead of a lineup and at the behest of the valet’s boss while he was surrounded by police officers."

Defense attorney Chris Hite also noted that Bejerano has been a regular volunteer at Project Open Hand, had no previous criminal record, and faced up to 10 years in state prison if he was convicted.

Police released multiple images of a man identified as the primary arson suspect back in June, following weeks of tension over what appeared to be a serial arsonist whose fires were getting larger and more brazen. A convenience store owner subsequently fingered Bejerano, who was a regular customer, and then ABC 7 tracked down a former roommate of Bejerano who claimed Bejerano had once threatened to kill him, though he never pressed charges.

Police believed Bejerano was responsible for setting small blazes at a couple of construction sites in SoMa, as well as some dumpster and newspaper box fires in the Mission and SoMa, all of which occurred within a couple weeks of each other.

It's unclear if he'll face any further charges besides the Mercedes torching.