While the rest of us were tweeting about the storm, weather, flooding, etc, one guy apparently decided to take our social media grousing and turn it into something lovely.

Identified only as "srogers", this CartoDB (a cloud-based mapping and visualization company) user took geotagged tweets that mentioned rain (or snow, just in case...) from Wednesday and Thursday, and mapped them based on when they appeared in Pacific Time. Here's what he ended up with for the Bay Area:

To put things in perspective, here's what he got for the entire world.

And tweet about the storm we certainly did! According to TwitterReverb (a tool that exists to "visualize how the conversation unfolds on Twitter"), we tweeted using various storm-related hashtags over 75,000 times Wednesday and Thursday.

Roll your pointer across the blue line to see our soggy gripe count broken down moment by moment:

Good work, everybody. We did this one together!