Yearning to take a walk down the Memory Lane of videos you emailed pals/posted to Facebook/wrote creepy comments on? Then YouTube's Rewind video for 2014 might be what you're looking for, a big gooey casserole of many of the video platform's most memeable memes of the past year, presumably produced to remind you that there is no god, there is only YouTube.

Google helpfully lists their most popular videos for the year in their post promoting the 2014 Rewind. Don't expect to see all of them represented in the video — for example, #10 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman by Street HarassmentVideo might not be the "celebration of the people, memes and moments that made up an epic year" that YouTube had in mind.

But, still, it's cute — and it'll be a handy way to remember the "viral" moments your relatives will have just heard about when you go home for the holidays.

Call me a nerd (please don't! I'm sensitive), but the "behind the scenes" video was just as entertaining as the main event. It's fun to see people you recognize (assuming you do) from a brief clip you watched on your phone six months ago having fun as regular human beings. Check it out:

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