In the latest local protest in a national movement for police accountability in the killing of black Americans, over 400 protestors marched for five hours Saturday night along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.

Police arrested 6 protesters and deployed tear gas near the UC Berkeley campus late in the evening as chaos descended.

According to police, a small group of protesters threw bricks and pipes at officers, or threw back the cops' smoke grenades. The Chronicle notes that many Berkeley residents uninvolved with the protest were pulled into the fray.

Earlier in the evening, at about 7 p.m., the Downtown Berkeley BART Station was shut down, and the North Berkeley station was closed at around 8 p.m.

The march, which began in UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza, also resulted in the hospitalization of one police officer with a dislocated shoulder according to CBS SF Windows were broken and items were smashed at a Trader Joe’s by MLK and University Avenue, and a RadioShack was also robbed.

Perhaps in part for its location, the protest has received national news attention. It was likely the most violent in a series of local demonstrations that have been largely peaceful, with the Chronicle reporting that protestors felt subjected to excessive force by police.

Protests also occurred last night in locations like Manhattan and Miami; at the latter protesters shouting "Shut It Down" closed I-195 to traffic during Art Basel.

Update: Berkeleyside has a bunch of photos and videos from the chaos, including the disturbing video below. In it, a man in a bicycle helmet appears, along with a couple of other people, to be pushing back at protesters discouraging them from looting a Radio Shack. One black-clad protester then hits him in the head or face with a hammer.

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