The love for the Hot Cop Of the Castro — who isn't even a Castro beat cop at all but is just a hot San Francisco police officer, Chris Kohrs — has yet to die down. And even though Kohrs took down his Facebook fan page back in September and said he was done with the public attention, he's back being interviewed for the gay blog Accidental Bear, doing some modeling for the label Blade + Blue in his ongoing support for the Officer Down Memorial Fund. (He was supporting them when he did this ice bucket challenge at The Cafe over the summer as well.)

Anyway, in the interview, Kohrs says that he's mostly on the Haight-Ashbury beat these days, which is in fact part of the turf of his home station, Park Station — he jokes that his superiors want to keep him out of the Castro these days because "things get kind of crazy when I'm down there." But as he told SFist in this earlier interview, he was actually just doing some overtime in the Castro as part of the streetscape improvement project that was fully complete as of last month. So, no more need for extra cops, and the Castro's regular beat cops are back covering their own beat on their own.

The video, which fans will nevertheless enjoy, does feature some shirtlessness.