If you're on the older end of Gen X, or a late Boomer, as it were, you may remember the Yumbo sandwich at Burger King, which disappeared from the chain's menus for reasons unknown back in 1974. It's a hot ham-and-cheese affair, with Black Forest ham and melted American cheese, as well as lettuce and a healthy smear of mayonnaise, and it's back for a "limited time" as Comsumerist alerts us.

Burger King has even come up with some ever so 70's ad graphics to drive the nostalgia point home. (Note the date stamp on the Facebook post.)

Apparently the revival of the sandwich has something to do with a request from Franchisee of the Year Tom Walsh Jr., who's a second-generation franchisee and loved the sandwich as a kid in his dad's restaurants. He says, "This is a great example of how we as franchisees are working closer with Burger King Corporation on menu and marketing initiatives."

It's available on the 2-for-$5 menu, or for $3.69, at select Burger King locations.

And, if you really want to dork out you can call the Yumbo "social hotline" which will be up and running until tomorrow.