Are bath salts back in the news? Whatever the guy was on, an obviously intoxicated individual caused a lengthy, totally wacky standoff on the roof of a home in San Jose on Sunday lasting a full 13 hours and including the hurling of bricks, self-mutilation, and several small fires. This all started in the wee hours of Sunday morning, as the Mercury-News reports, when the unidentified suspect broke into a couple's home on South Second Street at 2 a.m., in the Washington neighborhood, and stood in their hallway bleeding and shouting "Call 911! Call 911!"

After the couple escorted him out of their house, police quickly arrived, but the guy then climbed up the rear stairs of an apparently empty neighbor's house, got on the roof, and proceeded to start disassembling the chimney and hurling the bricks at officers. This led to neighbors getting evacuated, 30 officers getting involved, and a standoff that lasted until 3 p.m., with the very high suspect refusing officers' orders to come down and surrender.

When it started raining in the morning, he climbed into the attic and began disassembling things there, hurling metal pipes out a window, and dangling from the same window with a visibly bloody chest. As KTVU reports, he also lit part of the roof and several other objects on the fire.

Finally, at 3 p.m., after being doused by firehoses and perhaps getting tired, the man climbed onto a firetruck ladder and agreed to be let down. But when he started to climb off the back of the ladder, officers shot him with rubber bullets to stop him. He was ultimately arrested, mostly uninjured, and booked as John Doe on charges of burglary, resisting arrest, arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and felony vandalism.

Anyone care to speculate on this drug cocktail? He clearly had a lighter on him, so...