Don't tell the NorCal bandmates of Pomplamoose that they've "made it." Sure, they've graced the cover of the Weekly and just got off a national tour, but as one half of the band's leading couple Jack Conte writes candidly on Medium, "the phrase 'made it' does not properly describe Pomplamoose. Pomplamoose is 'making it.' And every day, we bust our asses to continue 'making it,' but we most certainly have not 'made it.'"

The 28-day tour included 24 shows in 23 U.S. cities. "We sold 1129 tickets in San Francisco at the Fillmore," he writes, "I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life." But, with a total tour income of $135,983 and $147,802 in expenses, the band was in the red, losing $11,819.

"Having the opportunity to play music as a career is a dream come true," Conte goes on, "The point of publishing all the scary stats is not to dissuade people from being professional musicians. It’s simply an attempt to shine light on a new paradigm for professional artistry."

TechCrunch, who are also fans of the the band and their openness, write that "The best part is that bands like Pomplamoose can finally share milestones on their road to success and, more important, indie writers, artists, and musicians can learn from their experiences." No doubt, some bands might be discouraged by Conte's tale, but still more might be uplifted.

And don't forget YouTube, says Conte: "YouTube has signed up over a million partners (people who agree to run ads over their videos to make money from their content). The 'creative class' is no longer emerging: it’s here, now."

Speaking of which, here's Pomplamoose in a cool video for a "Happy" slash "Get Lucky" mashup.