A series of earthquakes has struck areas in or near the Bay Area in the last 12 hours. While some of them were too small to notice, one was noted as "moderate" by the US Geological Survey. But we're sure everything's fine!

The shaking began at about 10:20 Wednesday night, when a magnitude 3.6 quake struck the area near San Juan Bautista. According to the USGS, folks as far north as Morgan Hill said that they felt that one.

Six minutes later, a bigger one struck in the same spot, this one a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. As you can see from the USGS's map, 1552 folks all over the South and some of the East Bay appeared to feel it, though as only a weak to light sensation. Both of those quakes are classified by the USGS as "moderate" in their Mercalli Intensity Scale.

Those two were followed by the teeny tiny little shakes (a .9 here, a 1.2 there) you might expect, but then there was a 2.9 at 3 a.m. today in the same area, which wasn't felt by very many people (the early morning hour probably didn't help).

And then, a contender arose from the north, a 2.7 that shook Concord at 3:46 a.m. This last quake, which the USGS says is likely from the Concord-Green Valley Fault, was somehow felt as far north as Napa.

You'll be unsurprised to hear that in all cases, no injuries or damage have been reported. But, still, isn't this a good time to check your emergency bag and make sure you've got plenty of provisions set aside?