"Culture Club Reunion Tour Is Coming To The Bay," we breathlessly told you in August. But, sadly, the band's scheduled appearances in SF on Sunday and in Oakland on Monday are not to be.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the iconic 80's group has been forced to cancel its entire North American Tour. The reason? Boy George reportedly is suffering from throat polyps, and has been advised by his doctor not to sing.

The BBC reports that this was to be the band's first tour in 12 years. According to the Beeb, George is "devastated," saying that "I want to be able to perform to the best of my ability and the specialist has told me that right now that will be impossible."

But all is not lost, perhaps. According to a statement sent by the band, "We are hoping we can reschedule the concerts for next year, and hopefully George's problem will be resolved."

If you had tickets for Sunday's show at the Masonic or Monday's at the Fox Theater in Oakland, man, I sure do feel bad for you — so bad, that I won't even make the crack I was planning on how George didn't really want to hurt you, didn't really want to make you cry. Oh, whoops, I guess I just did.

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