One of last week's biggest stories — because you all obviously care more about mom-rage incidents than you care about the election, or anything — involved a fashionably dressed 20-year-old woman named Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson who got punched twice in the face in the Nordstrom Rack parking lot in Colma after telling a mother in the checkout line to quiet her tantrum-throwing child. Colma police now say they've made an arrest in the case, and the suspect is 27-year-old Terrie Elzie and she's now being held on $50,000 bail on suspicion of felony battery causing serious injury, as CBS 5 reports.

Hajek-Richardson remains defiant about telling Elzie she could go to hell, repeatedly, before the alleged parking lot attack (which was captured on surveillance video). She also insists that the initial exchange in the checkout line was perfectly cordial in which she asked Elzie, nicely, to please quiet her child, and Elzie responded extremely hostilely saying "Don't tell my child what to do."

Hajek-Richardson had a couple of her teeth knocked out, and a dentist was so far able to re-insert only one of them. One of her front teeth remains dislodged and possibly not savable.

KTVU reports that "this is not the first time" Hajek-Richardson has asked a parent in public to quiet their child, and asked if she'd do anything differently in a similar situation in the future, she says, "No, 'cause that's who I am. I say really what I want."

Terrie Elzie's case is now going before the San Mateo District Attorney for review.

Hear more in the video below.

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