"They had a lot of hoodies," said a slightly boggled Keira Knightley of the tech élite who mounted a private screening of her new movie The Imitation Game. The self-described "technophobe" appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and discussed the Los Altos Hills Mansion soirée hosted by Mark "Zoockerberg," Harvey Weinstein, and well-known tech investor Yuri Milner, whom Knightley calls a very nice, very rich man.

Knightley and Kimmel proceeded to take Sergey Brin to task for his efficient pair of crocs, pictured above. (We won't remind Knightley of her "unacceptable hat" in Love Actually.)

The Imitation Game is a biopic of fascinating computer science pioneer Alan Turing (as portrayed by fascinating actor Benedict Cumberbatch), and it was apparently a hit with the techie crowd, as Deadline reports.

Valleywag notes that Knightley "talks about billionaire tech CEOs like they're aliens." But after all, one guest offered to show her a rocket some time, which is a pickup line you'll only hear in one place.