"It's not as bad as it was in 2012" is a nice attempt to put a positive spin on the vandalism during this year's mayhem-wracked celebrations of the SF Giants' World Series victory. The truth is, this year's damages to Muni weren't as bad as 2012's, but that doesn't mean they were good, either.

As you might recall, Muni ended up eating about a million dollars worth of damage in 2012's riots following the Giants' win, including a $700,000 bus that was totaled. So everyone, including Muni, was braced for disaster when the Giants won again this year.

This time around, San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency director of transit Jack Haley says that the agency incurred "only" $140,000 in damage, mostly by broken windows and graffiti.

Haley tells the Ex that the toilet paper and articles of clothing thrown on to overhead wires, as happened on Market Street and in the Mission and Castro, also caused damage that had to be repaired.

One of Muni's new hybrid buses took an especially brutal hit, to the tune of $14,000. “It was a brand-new bus and it took quite a beating literally with windows and doors and graffiti,” Haley told KCBS.

“There were some attempts to pull the seats out, but they’re anchored very well. It took us a couple of days, but the bus is back in service.”

All in all, 28 buses were damaged, but "The (cost of repairs) is very conservative -- it does not account for all the extra people we had to bring in and the materials," Haley told the Ex.

"It's kind of a black eye for all of us in what otherwise should be a joyous event."

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