Months after a dog was stolen from her guardian's vehicle they are about the be reunited — but it's a bittersweet story, as the eight-year-old Chihuahua was discovered, battered but still alive, in a dumpster last weekend.

Early Saturday morning, Kaley, the pup you see above, was discovered in a Tenderloin trash receptacle in shock and suffering from serious injuries, including eight broken ribs and head trauma, San Francisco Animal Care & Control spokesperson Deb Campbell says.

Kaley was transported to the ACC's emergency veterinary hospital for treatment, Campbell says. There, staff discovered Kaley's microchip, which identified her as a dog that had been stolen from a car belonging to her guardian, San Francisco resident Lucille Williams, this past August.

According to Campbell, despite her injuries Kaley's been recovering well, and is expected to be reunited with Williams at her home this afternoon.

And while that's great, the ACC isn't done with Kaley's case yet — according to ACC Captain Denise BonGiovanni, SF's animal cops are very eager to find "the person responsible for Kaley's condition."

Anyone with information that could help investigators truck down whoever hurt this little dog is urged to call the Animal Care & Control emergency dispatch line at 415-554-9400. Callers may remain anonymous, Campbell says.

But even if you don't know the identity of this animal abuser, there's still a way you can help — contributions can be made toward Kaley's medical bills through the Friends of Animal Care & Control's Emergency Medical Fund. Here's where you can donate to her care.