At least one of our Giants is making the TV rounds now that the World Series is over and WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, and that would be MVP Madison Bumgarner. MadBum went on The Tonight Show last night to show off the World Series trophy, talk trucks, and give Jimmy Fallon a pair of MadBum underwear.

Madison admits that when they arrived back in Kansas City and he had to walk out of the bullpen onto the field, with all those Royals fans booing him, "I really just wanted to start crying and run right back into the bullpen."

He also says that he and fellow pitcher Jake Peavy might start a country band.

And Jimmy, rightfully, bows down over the fact that MadBum has the lowest ERA in World Series history, and has three World Series rings all by the time he's 25.

Sidebar: Where's Hunter? Joe? Panda? Is nobody else doing the late-night circuit? Oh, right. The rest of the country hates us and MadBum is the biggest star to come out of this, so fine.