As many as 2 million people are expected to come out for today's parade celebrating the 2014 World Champion SF Giants. Are you one of the thousands already staking out a seat, or planning on heading out to watch? Then here's what you need to know.

The cops and their dogs will be watching you
San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told the Associated Press that the number of officers on the streets during the alcohol-free event (yeah, we're snickering too) "will be at least 20 percent higher, with police dogs helping with security." That's right, a dog might take your brown-bagged beer.

Gavin's going to be there
Just when you'd forgotten that former Mayor, now Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom existed, his office sent a press release announcing that he'll be joining the Giants in the parade. "As mayor of San Francisco," Newsom's office writes, "Lt. Gov. Newsom hosted the first-ever Giants World Series Victory Parade in San Francisco in 2010, after the team beat the Texas Rangers." In other words, "I did it first, ED." "An avid baseball fan himself, Lt. Gov. Newsom will be both a member of the parade contingent and a dignitary during the Civic Center Plaza celebration," they write. Do you get to call yourself a dignitary?

It's going to be a long one
The parade will kick off at noon at Market and Steuart streets, head west on Market to McAllister Street, then turn and head to City Hall and Civic Center Plaza. Mayor Ed Lee, Giants team executives and players are expected to begin their address of the crowd at 2 p.m.

Public transit is already packed, and that's not letting up
The Chron reports that "BART and Caltrain cars were filled with so-called 'crush loads'” this morning, and that ticket lines at BART are already really long. As previously mentioned, BART's running all the cars they can, and will be in service iuntil 2 a.m. Saturday.

And from Muni: "While every effort is being made to minimize congestion, the celebrations road closures or restrictions may generate delays and detours onto streets not listed above. Drivers should avoid the downtown area bounded by The Embarcadero on the east, Bryant Street on the south, Van Ness Avenue on the west and California Street on the north throughout the day." Roads along the parade route will reopen after "parade attendees are fully cleared from the restricted route and the roads have been cleaned by city services."

Your cell phone may or may not work
In 2012, jammed wireless networks in the parade area prevented people from sending brilliantly witty tweets, updating their FB status with something re fearing beards, or making and receiving calls of varying importance. Verizon and AT&T say that they've got a plan to make your phone work better this year. Guess we'll see if it works.

Tons of kids are playing hooky today
in 2012, over 4,200 SF Unified School District kids "fell ill" on parade day. Tons of teachers did too. We can probably expect a similar outbreak this year.

If you have access to a window or door, you already know that it's raining
The rain we're seeing right now isn't expected to let up until after 2 p.m., reports KPIX. According to the Chron, the Giants are bringing 20,000 ponchos to distribute to fans, which is pretty useful if 2 million people are there. Not complaining! It's better than nothing!

The Giants won't get to hop out and greet you like they have in years past
As you might recall from the parades in 2012 and 2012, the Giants rode in those cable cars on wheels, and made frequent leaps off the vehicles to embrace their fans. Not this year! This time around, they'll be confined to the tops of open-top double-decker buses, so we can see them, but that's it. How very Hunger Games.

You might get some free underwear
Jockey's reportedly going to be distributing their "Mad Bum" undergarments to the crowd. I'm a men's medium, if you catch one.

If you're stuck at work, or just want to stay dry, you can still watch the parade
ABC7, KRON4, and CBS5 will be streaming the event live, or you can watch it on TV like some kind of caveman.

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