In a drive to encourage kitten adoption, and just generally to pimp their brand again, Uber is doing that kitten delivery thing again today from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. They did this exactly a year ago, and the effort was apparently a big success, so today they're repeating the stunt with seven animal shelters around the country participating in New York, D.C., Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Phoenix, and S.F.

Just open your Uber app and you'll see it there... maybe. I just opened mine, and under the Kittens tab I got a message "Sorry, all kittens are being snuggled!" But if you try back a few times you might get lucky and grab 15 minutes of kitten playtime, delivered to your door.

Anyway, a visit from the kittens will cost you a $30 donation to the SPCA. And, any kitten you play with, theoretically, is adoptable right then and there, but there's some paperwork involved.

Also, FYI, today is National Cat Day. And the promotion is also sponsored by this blog, I guess because it's called Cheezburger?