Do you guys know what kudzu is? It was introduced in the US as an ornamental vine, and it provides useful shade. But it can also go out of control, spreading and destroying everything it touches.

I'm sorry to tell you, RoyTT, that you are kudzu. You comment on nearly every post, and you keep on commenting, killing off natural conversation before they have a chance to flourish. You blanket every discussion with your remarks. You're not contributing to a conversation, you're smothering it.

Let's use Would You Rather Tip, Or Pay A Flat Fee? as an example. There are 109 comments as I write this. RoyTT, you posted at least one third of those. There could have been a conversation there, RoyTT, an actual exchange of ideas. Instead, you shut it down. You do that a lot.

People who wanted to talk instead flee as you enter a discussion. And then they email me, asking if there's anything we can do to uproot the kudzu. Many people. And they are right.

RoyTT, I'm not going to pick on you, or post some of your more egregious remarks, or make fun of what you've said. I can tell — we all can tell — that you're a lonely guy. I truly believe that you do want to connect! But what you're doing right now isn't working for you. So, I'm cutting you off.

You clearly have A LOT to say, RoyTT. You need to get offline and out into the real world to have these interactions face-to-face. If you do, you're going to make the connection you're seeking.

Please give it a try. We'll all be rooting for you.

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