Vermont-born jam band Phish, beloved among former and would-be Deadheads and Phish heads all over the Bay Area, is doing their second of three sold-out shows at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Tuesday night, and this coincides, of course, with Mayor Lee's just announced Civic Center viewing party for Game 6 of the World Series. As the site Jambase (and several SFist commentators) have pointed out, this should create an amusing collision of two different fan bases, some in orange and black, others in tie-dye and cannabis-leaf-adorned t-shirts.

Will the drunk and the stoned be able to get along? Will there be a war between hotheads and potheads? We shall see.

The game kicks off at 5:07 p.m., right as loyal Phish heads will be lining up at the door of Bill Graham — doors open at 6 for the show, which is scheduled to start at 7.

Phish heads who are also Giants fans (I do, in fact, know a couple) are probably going to hedge their bets on the show starting late and will be hanging out watching the game until it's close to over, or until the Giants have it in the bag.

Serious Giants fans who are also Phish heads are going to be very, very torn if this game turns out to be another nail-biter that goes until 9 p.m.

And lord knows what this scene will look like after the game ends, if we do, in fact, win this series, and the concert lets out shortly thereafter.

Maybe all those Phish people will have a mellowing effect? We can only hope.