Remember when on Episode 4 of Silicon Valley eccentric billionaire Peter Gregory threw a toga party benefit and hired Flo Rida to perform? Well, that just happened in real life last night, in the real Bay Area, only the host of the affair was Hewlett Packard. As Valleywag reports, HP threw a developer event at Temple last night that featured Flo Rida, and food trucks.

Also, there was a silent disco, before the Flo Rida set, and open bar. The was all preceded by a panel discussion and lengthy demo regarding HP's HELION cloud.

As one attendee said, "It was one of the stranger developer events I've been to."

Next up: Kid Rock will be invited to perform for 20 people on their phones in someone's backyard, just like in the pilot episode.

Below, the clip from Silicon Valley, in which the Peter Gregory character takes the stage at the "Orgy of Caring" event right after Flo Rida, saying, "Thank you, Flord."