It's an election year, and incumbent District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener may not be facing a ton of competition in the race, but that doesn't mean the nudist contingent will not be trying their best to get him out of office.

Nudist George Davis, a perennial candidate for elected office in S.F., is one of those running against Wiener, and today we received word from Gypsy Taub of the Body Freedom Network that the group will be staging a protest at Harvey Milk Plaza a week From Saturday, on November 1, at noon.

Per Gypsy:

We invite you to join us nude, dressed or anywhere in between if you don't want to continue losing your civil rights and your rights to fair housing, if you don't want to watch San Francisco get sold to the highest bidder by the Republican puppet Scott Wiener.

To be fair, Wiener is a Democrat. But, yes, he has been criticized for taking the side of the more business-minded people of the city. And he backed the nudity ban, sparking many cries from the left that he's a conservative at heart.

And they have more to say on the matter:

Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell took $200,000 from a Republican real estate investor and power broker Thomas Coates during the last election. Thomas Coates invested one million dollars into Proposition 98 that would have eliminated rent control in the entire state of California. Is is clear to you now who Scott Wiener represents?

The accusations about Wiener's re-election campaign funding coming from real estate interests were also made by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, and 48 Hills, but Wiener responded to those on Hoodline/Castro Biscuit in February saying:

As with every elected official, I raise money from a wide array of sources. And, yes, that includes architects, real estate agents, folks in construction, trade unions, and folks who build housing. A number of the realtors who contributed are folks I've known for a long time, some personal friends and some whom I've worked with in the neighborhood or in nonprofit endeavors. In terms of people in construction or development, these are the people who are building housing in San Francisco. We have a dramatic shortage of housing — we've added very little new housing even as our population has grown — and we need to change that. Someone has to build the housing. I make no apologies for having support from people who build both market rate and affordable housing.

As noted, donors to my campaign, overwhelmingly, are San Francisco residents, and almost half of them live in the district.

Nevertheless, there's no denying that he voted for the nudity ban, so be on the lookout for that circus to return to the Castro a week from Saturday, right before Election Day.