Forgetting the fact that Lorde's hit single "Royals" has already been overplayed to death by Top-40 radio stations, two San Francisco stations are putting the kibosh on its airplay for reasons of a certain team from Kansas City whose hopes and dreams the Giants are planning to crush in the coming days. Local FM stations 104.5 KFOG and 96.5 KOIT have both banned the song until the World Series is over, just in case it might give the Kansas City Royals some extra mojo.

KOIT program director Brian Figula announced on the station's website that the move was in response to listener emails. "Our listeners told us to do it, so we did it."

KFOG quickly followed suit.

Meanwhile, since it's corporate radio, KOIT has a sister station in Kansas City, KZPT, which will be putting "Royals" into its highest rotation, playing it every hour on the hour on Tuesday, as Rolling Stones reports.

The song has been adopted as an unofficial theme this year by the Kansas City Royals. And as it turns out, even though Lorde doesn't seem to be a baseball fan, she says she became obsessed with the word after looking at an old National Geographic photo of onetime Royals great George Brett, in his jersey, signing baseballs. So, the connection is actually real, as Yahoo News notes.

I look forward to having the song shoved down my throat during Games 1 and 2 in Kansas City, starting on Tuesday.