This odd video appeared today on McDonald's YouTube channel, framed like an episode of Mythbusters and featuring its former host Grant Imahara, in which Imahara takes a trip inside the Cargill beef processing plant in Fresno, California where McDonald's beef patties are made.

Imahara is shown the beef inspection area of the plant, where the purportedly high quality beef trimmings are being checked over on an assembly line, and Imahara is impressed as only a paid shill could be by the "nice chunks" of beef bits in front of him.

The plant workers then show Imahara how the beef is ground and then "automatically fed into our patty former," with no steps in between to add any pink slime. (At least not anymore!)

Then they take him to a quality control area where they "replicate pretty much exactly what they do in McDonald's restaurants" by putting some patties on a griddle and frying them up. Things get especially awkward when Imahara asks the dude that works in this area, "So your job is to eat hamburgers every day of the week?" and he says yes, and Imahara does a dance while saying, "Livin' the dream!" We're all supposed to forget about what happened in Super Size Me and assume this guy has a healthy digestive system.

Imahara admits, after they take him to an actual McDonald's nearby, that it's been 15 years since he's had a Big Mac. He bites into one, and he admits it's good.

And in case you missed it, Imahara left the cast of (or was fired from) Mythbusters in August.

It looks like this is the first of a series for Imahara — and part of a larger PR effort for the brand, which has seen some sales slippage in recent years — and he's encouraging McDonald's customers to ask questions about the food they serve, and he'll "find out the answers," or at least pick and choose questions that will not embarrass McDonald's, and answer those.

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