The family of a 14-year-old who was stabbed to death outside a Mission District convenience store is hoping that community pressure might convince San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon to prosecute his alleged attacker as an adult, but so far, the DA's office is keeping mum on their plans.

Last month, Sacred Heart freshman Rashawn Williams was stabbed to death right after he bought candy at Rubin's Market, a corner store on Folsom Street near 26th Street. A suspect was arrested shortly thereafter, a 14-year-old who had reportedly attended middle school with his alleged victim, and who had, family members of the victim say, harassed Williams for years.

Williams had just started his freshman year at San Francisco's Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory school, where he had attended orientation and a week of high school before his death. Described as "bright and motivated," it was Williams' "academic excellence" (he had a 4.0 gpa at Horace Mann) that got him a near-full scholarship at the competitive institution.

We haven't heard much about the case since the suspect's arrest, and there's a reason why: California law prevents prosecutors and police from divulging much information on minors who are in the juvenile justice system, from their name, to that status of their case.

And according to Williams' family, the District Attorney's office plans on charging his alleged killer as a minor. If convicted of the crime, that means a sentence of nine years, at most, UC Hastings Professor Hadar Aviram told KPIX.

The 14-year-old allaged attacker is "probably not going to do a very lengthy time," Aviram said. "I believe that the line is going to be drawn at age 23."

"His actions are the ones of an adult criminal, and we are devastated that he might get away with such a light sentence," Williams' family counters on their Justice for Rashawn Williams website.

"The killer in custody had planned and announced the killing and he committed the murder in cold blood," they say.

In response, the family has set up a petition directed at Gascon's office, entitled "Charge the killer who bullied, stalked, and murdered 14-year old Rashawn Williams Jr. as an adult." At publication time, the petition has 520 signatures.

They're also asking concerned citizens to call the District Attorney's office, and provide a script callers can follow to state their case. Time is scarce for Williams supporters to convince the DA, his family says, as all calls and signatures must be made by October 12th, "as the district attorney's office needs time to prepare before the trial."

According to El Tecalote, the suspect is being represented by Deputy Public Defender Greg Feldman, and is expected back in court at the Youth Guidance Center on October 21.

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