The great Tony Bennett, 88, was brought out to sing "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch of yesterday's Game 3 in the Giants-Nationals NLDS playoff series. His voice, honestly, still sounds pretty good! Sure there were a couple of croaky moments, and an odd pause or two. Well, one of those pauses came right after he might have realized he'd totally flubbed one of the lyrics. Where he's supposed to say "oceans white with foam" he instead went with "oceans bright with gold." This prompted some rumbling in the audience (not that too many of them actually knew the correct lyric), as well as a priceless reaction shot from Hunter Pence who, having heard this song approximately 30,000 times knew that Mr. Bennett was a little bit off. Above, a full minute-long clip of the performance, and below, a Vine just of Pence, via Yardbarker.

Maybe Tony should just stick with "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" from here on out.