Dubai police officers are about to look like that Glasshole your friends like to mock in SF bars thanks to Google Glass. Reuters is reporting that the Dubai boys in blue are going to be outfitted with Google Glass along with facial-recognition software that will "recognize" suspects. Also, for basic traffic violations, the cops can now take quick photos that they can just mail to violators, presumably without pulling them over.

Are you scared to visit Dubai yet? Wait, there's more.

As we can see in the video below, via Endgadget, it's getting really cyborg over there.

So not only will these Dubai cops be driving around in Lamborghinis, they'll be able to have a heads-up display on "traffic violators." Think this is that futuristic? Really this facial-recognition app is nothing creepier than whatever creepy thing is cooking with Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk lately.

Google Glass, as of May, are available to all takers — er, "explorers" — for $1,500 a pop, but maybe we should spend some time translating the Glasshole guide into Arabic first.