It's unclear what the SF Giants' Madison Bumgarner is pouring into his mouth as he celebrates last night's breathtaking win, but whatever it is, it was well-deserved.

As noted in our game report, "It was a do-or-die game. The Giants did and lived; the Pirates got done and died. And Madison Bumgarner is a bad, bad man." That because "Madison Bumgarner, in an elimination playoff game, pitched a complete-game shutout, and it wasn't even close."

Following his badass performance, Bumgarner retired to the locker room, where he downed, at the same time, two cans of what looks like regular Red Bull, and two cans of what looks like might be Red Bull's "cranberry" flavor. Or beer? Or (shudder) beer and Bull? I feel sticky just thinking about it (not like that, you perv)!

If Red Bull gives one wings, as they say, then Bumgarner should be ready to fly himself straight to Washington, DC, where the Giants will face the Nationals in Game One of the NLDS at 12:07 p.m. PT. Go Giants!

Vine: Alex Pavlovic