by Eric Wuestewald

Rejoice! After several failed promises and setbacks to late-night BART trains bridging the chasm between San Francisco and East Bay, the Chron is reporting that BART is now planning a pilot study to beef up their weekend overnight bus service. Best of all: it could start as soon as December.

Currently, the only available late-night transbay service is AC Transit's infrequently running 1-to-5 a.m. all-night buses to Richmond, Fremont, and San Mateo. The $800,000 BART test project would increase that bus service across the Bay Bridge to Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and simultaneously extend the San Francisco line from Civic Center down to 24th and Mission.

The plan would allow the 800 line to Oakland and Richmond to run every 20 minutes instead of 30, and the southbound buses to run every 20 minutes to the Bay Fair BART station and every 40 minutes to Fremont BART, with AC Transit operating all but the San Mateo route.

It's not as good as actual train service, but for East Bay people it's certainly better than that terrifying sinking feeling after missing the last train home. You now will have an option that is not a $50 cab or an Uber.