Maybe #bendgate is over as quickly as it began, but in a boon for Apple and its loyalists, Consumer Reports has rushed out a highly scientific report that proves that you can't bend an iPhone 6 Plus just by keeping it in a tight pants pocket.

As shown in the video above, Consumer Reports Labs whipped out their Instron compression test machine (the same machine Apple used for its own internal tests, as The Verge reported), and they conclude, "It takes a lot of force to permanently bend one of these new iPhones."

They tested both the 6 and the 6 Plus, along with the Galaxy Note 3, the LG G3, the HTC One M8, and the iPhone 5S, beginning by applying 10 pounds of force for 3 seconds and working their way up. While the new iPhones are not as strong as the smaller iPhone 5, which took 130 pounds of force before it bent, they're still pretty damn strong and continue to spring back up to 70 pounds of forces — and that was in the case of the smaller iPhone 6. The 6 Plus, as it turns out, is more resilient than the smaller version, and didn't become permanently warped until it got to 90 pounds of force.

This backs up Apple's own claims that the bending phenomenon is very rare, and that only nine iPhone 6 Plus users reported such bending in the first six days of the phone's release. But now we have a third party who's done some impartial testing.

It is true that the Android phablet phones are stronger, and can take over 130 pounds of pressure before bending or breaking.

So, moral of the story: Be a little careful with those phones in back pockets, but you're going to have to be doing some seriously aggressive sitting on concrete to cause any damage to your iPhone 6 Plus.

Update: But, then again, these two British punks popped into their local Apple store and bent an iPhone 6 Plus right there, took some proud video of it, and then ran off. See below, again, what the application of 90 pounds of pressure looks like.

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