In the early years of SFist, one of our Gothamist overlords told us we should sign up for this (since discontinued, I thought) email-alert system from Urban Dictionary that would let us know when a local slang term was popularized. In the intervening decade, I can't recall ever seeing anything of note. That is, until today, when my inbox got a message about the San Francisco Hitchhike.

My first thought, of course, was that this was somehow related to John Waters's recent book, Carsick (capsule review: first two sections are for Waters superfans only, third section is completely wonderful!), which details how he hitchhiked from Baltimore to his new apartment in San Francisco. John Waters seems like the kind of guy who could've somehow commandeered Urban Dictionary for his own purposes, right?

However, that was not the case. Here is what a San Francisco Hitchhike is, per the entry posted to Urban Dictionary today:

The act of tucking your penis back and then proceeding to jerk yourself off from the back while your thumb is extended into your butthole.

Or, to use it in a sentence:

Ray was feeling frisky today, so he tucked it back and gave himself a good ol' San Francisco Hitchhike.

As I reread that, it has a certain Watersian quality, I suppose. But, anyway, now you know.