Here's a bit of real-life crime drama for your afternoon: 47-year-old Antonio Calvillo, who had been wanted in connection with the 1995 murder of 27-year-old Shirley Laseter in Palm Beach County and who had apparently fled the country, turned up in San Francisco and was finally apprehended this month. He lived at 150 Berry Street, as the Chron reports, just in case you were neighbors.

Calvillo was the prime suspect in a case in which Laseter had been bludgeoned to death by the side of a road with "a 5-gallon plastic bucket filled with dirt" which was found near her body. Her blood was found in Calvillo's car, and Calvillo became a suspect when he went to a hospital get treatment for an infected bite on his penis. His pickup truck also matched witness descriptions of one seen near the murder scene. It wasn't until impounding and examining the truck that a warrant was issued, and it was then that Calvillo fled, never to be seen again, until now.

It was only this month that "a fugitive warrants specialist located Calvillo in San Francisco," and with the help of the SFPD, Palm Beach sheriff’s detectives apprehended Calvillo at his home, and he's being extradited back to Florida to stand trial.

As the Examiner adds, "Investigators believe Calvillo may have been a suspect in other homicides in the Belle Glade [Florida] area between 1991-95."