Even before the White House officially announced that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would be quitting his job, the woman President Obama once described as "by far, the best-looking [state] attorney general" has let everyone know that she doesn't want to assume his position.

Well in advance of this afternoon's press conference in Washington, D.C., California Attorney General and former San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris released a statement saying in part that “I am honored to even be mentioned" regarding the U.S. AG job, "but intend to continue my work for the people of California as attorney general. I am focused on key public safety issues including transnational gangs, truancy and recidivism.”

Harris, who's expected to retain her seat with little effort in November's election, was named by publications like Buzzfeed as the top pick for the post.

Harris, age 49, was married just last month in a courthouse ceremony in Santa Barbara. But don't take the confluence of her nuptials and her demurral of the U.S. AG post as some kind of decision to go domestic on us: insiders say that Harris likely weighed the harrowing nature of a Republican Senate confirmation for a job that would end when Obama's presidency did, and decided against it.

Gerald Uelmen, a law professor at Santa Clara University, tells the Chron that the job's expiration date probably made it significantly less appealing to Harris than it might have been at the start of a president's term.

“I would think the new attorney general is going to be someone looking at this as the capstone of a career and who would look to fade into the sunset afterwards...I think the president will look for a caretaker, and not someone who will come up with bold new initiatives,” Uelmen said.

Instead, some say, Harris will keep her eye on possibly replacing Gov. Jerry Brown after his next term ends, or running for either Sen. Barbara Boxer or Sen. Dianne Feinstein seats, should either of them decide to retire. There are definitely plenty of "bold new initiatives" to come up with at any, or all, of those jobs.

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