Some things in life just make no sense, and this is one of them. The nationally famous gay icon who became known as the Hot Cop of the Castro, 36-year-old beat officer Chris Kohrs, has taken down his Facebook fan page for reasons we may never understand. He rose to fame out of nowhere for his good looks, and now, just as the Castro Streetscape Improvement Project (which was the thing that brought him to the neighborhood for a few overtime hours) is winding down, Kohrs as decided to relinquish his fan base.

As the Chron's Leah Garchik saw, he published this poem before signing off.

In the streets of S.F., where crime will always lurk I need to focus on getting back to work. Although the fan page will soon be gone, I am here to stay. We will always be only three digits away.

But! But! Why must we be relegated to taking our chances with 911 if we just, you know, want to chat or take him for coffee?

Anyway, Kohrs, as you'll recall, spoke to SFist over the summer and did seem a little reluctant to embrace his weird internet fame. And before disappearing he did try to do some good, using his notoriety to get people to show up and donate at this shirtless ice-bucket fundraiser for the Officer Down Memorial Fund.

I guess he doesn't just want to be a sex object? Maybe he got all the dates he needed out of this for the next year? I'm going with the latter.

Update: We asked Kohrs what the story was, and here's his response.

The department did not ask me to take down the fan page. In fact they were very supportive of me throughout all of this. I took it down for personal reasons.

Police officers are often shown in the media for less than positive things. It's not the easiest job and we do make mistakes. Throughout all this, I wanted to show police officers in a positive light. Once I felt I had sufficiently accomplished that, I couldn't find a reason to keep the fan page up.

I love my job and enjoy my privacy, family and friends. I just wanted to focus on that for now.

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