There's something to be said for someone who is ambitious enough to have a job that requires a suit, yet is lazy enough to find putting on a suit too much work.

Meet real estate developer Jesse Herzog of San Francisco. Last week, he apparently went on "Good Morning America" with his new invention, "The Suitsy."

As Herzog told GMA, "So I was at work and was just thinking you know, I need a way to look professional but feel like I'm in my pajamas at the same time. Seems reasonable and also it's just a little bit more efficient way to get ready in the morning."

The Suitsy is reasonable and efficient!

Unemployment in the United States is at 6.1% while Herzog is getting paid to sit at work and figure out how to wear jammies all day. (This was typed by a blogger who is currently wearing Nick & Nora snow globe pajamas.)

Here is a 9-second video of the Suitsy in action. Please note the mid-century modern furniture and working fireplace! Clearly, Jesse Herzog is a man of class and taste. So what if he likes to be comfortable? That Suitsy suit looks almost J. Crew-esque.

Presently, the Suitsy is hoping to get made through crowd funding on Betabrand. It currently has 817 votes. The Suitsy Betabrand page proclaims, "It's as if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild. Let's change the world, one better-looking, more leisurely gentleman at a time!"

There is no information on price, sizing, or color options, although his bio notes that Herzog is proficient in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and once launched a hot dog into space.

Would you wear the Suitsy?

h/t: ABC7 News