Someone who has nominated themselves to be Facebook's "Real Name Police" has launched a Twitter account (only three followers so far) to show others how to report drag queens using stage names to Facebook.

Sister Roma alerts everyone to this weird new "police" account, which has posted a flurry of 130 tweets in the last 4 hours like the ones below. It looks like a baldfaced bid for attention in the sad world of profligate Twitterers, but it remains uncertain how or why drag queens became the most recent "targets" of Facebook's "real name" algorithm, or if someone out there was specifically flagging and reporting them for malicious reasons.

This round of "policing" appears to primarily be focusing on drag queens and other well known performers like Michelle Visage.

As Heklina (who has lately had to go by Steven Heklina Grygelko on Facebook) puts it, "Ok what the fucking fuck is going on here?"


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