Allright, people. All those downtown iPhone campers we talked to last night are presumably home taking a much-needed nap. Klaus Bandisch and the rest of the "surprisingly chill" Chestnut Street Apple store crowd may or may not have gotten their iPhone 6 Pluses (they sold out in less than an hour). And now, it's time for the really dumb stuff to begin.

OK, to be fair, the dumb stuff began with people sleeping on the sidewalk to, as we noted earlier, "get the iPhone 6 days, maybe even weeks, before all the normal people get the exact same thing." But, hey, I spent a night in 1989 on a mall parking lot's asphalt to get REM tickets, so I'll just be over here in my glass house minding my own business.

But not before I tackle:

This poor guy who dropped his new iPhone 6

Oh my god, I had to stifle a screamy laugh as Jack Cooksey who, according to 9 News Perth, was the first person in Perth, Australia's Apple Store this morning, drops his newly-purchased iPhone 6 onto the pavement. I get wanting to be on TV and being all excited about your new cellular telephone, but, oh man. That poor guy, if the phone ever breaks down you know the Genius Bar is going to be all "we know who ya are."

Are people really charging their iPhones in their microwaves?

What on earth. According to KDKA, a TV station in Pittsburgh, a fake iPhone ad claiming that “You can now Wave-charge your device by placing it within a household microwave for a minute and a half,” has been circulating (you can see the hoax advertisement here).

“iOS 8 contains new drivers that interface with your device’s radio-baseband allowing it to synchronize with microwave frequencies," the ad reads. KDKA says that photos like the one above have been posted by the poor sad sacks who fell for the scam.

Are people really that dumb? Ordinarily, I'd argue humanity's case, but after a day of looking at pictures of people sleeping on sidewalks to get the same device they could have had mailed to their home, I'm less willing to die on that hill. Anyway, enjoy your new cellular telephones, people!

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