Everyone knows that sitting at a desk will slowly but surely kill you. Some have chosen to stave off their mortality with a standing desk, while others plod toward oblivion at treadmill desks, grimly finishing TPS reports at a 2.5 speed on a 3.5 incline. But all that's over, you guys: now it's time for the Hamster Wheel Desk.

SF-based artist Robb Godshaw and developer Will Doenlen (aka wrdwise), both of the maker community known as Instructables urge users to "Step forward into a world of infinite potential, bounded only by the smooth arcs of a wheel. Step forward into the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that will usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity."

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Doenlen says that "the issues with treadmills are that you don't set your own pace, and they're not interesting as furniture." That's why they came up with and built the Hamster Wheel, an 80" diameter wheel on four skateboard wheels from which you can work and trot to your heart's content. Just don't trot too fast for, as they say in their device description, the Hamster Wheel is made without brakes "in order to really force the productivity out of the desk user."

For you crafty folks, you can learn how you can make your own here. Or if you're like me, you can continue to sit at your desk and just watch this video.