Warning: Don't watch the above video if you're eating as it contains shaky, but visible footage of poop leaking from a pipe at what an ex-employee at Ruby Skye and Slide claims to be the shared basement of the clubs.

In a Reddit post from September 6 titled "Public Health Concern: Avoid Ruby Skye & Slide SF on Mason St. in Downtown San Francisco," the person writes that the video was taken the night of Friday, September 5:

Last night a sewage pipe burst, flooding the liquor storage area/basement which Slide occupies with raw sewage. The grease trap in the kitchen had overflowed the previous week, releasing yet more sewage into the kitchen, which had then been allowed to sit for a week. The fruit in the cooler is fuzzy, covered with mold. Employees are cleaning up/walking through/dealing with flooding, shit/piss water, and then going back to serving drinks, or delivering mixers for $400 bottles in Ruby Skye. Source: Up until this afternoon, I worked there.

Toward the end of the video, you can hear a man explain: "Uh, this is where the alcohol and soda pumps are stored, currently one hundred percent flooded with fecal matter and urine and toilet paper from the club." Ruby Skye (420 Mason Street) and Slide (430 Mason Street) are adjacent and run by the same owners.

SFist reached out to the anonymous Reddit poster to confirm his story and the validity of the video, and contacted Ruby Skye and the San Francisco Department of Public Health for comment. To our knowledge, neither club was closed during this period and the leak was presumably cleaned up.

Update: George Karpaty, one of the owners of Ruby Skye and Slide, said a sewage line that runs between their building and Native Sons of the Golden West (414 Mason Street) broke after hours. He said the pipe was fixed and the area disinfected. Based on the accusations of the former employee, the health department investigated and found the problem resolved.

Update 2: In an email to SFist, the ex-employee disputes what Karpaty tells us above: "I'd like to come in and simply show you the timestamp on the original video, or anything, because it's important to know that he is, at this point, actively lying. This happened DURING operation hours for both clubs, and both remained open. In order to be disinfected, the drywall would have had to be redone, etc., it's implausible."