A Stanford business school graduate has launched a new members-only dating app for “high-caliber...people," which we can pretty much assume to mean people like her.

The 29-year-old co-founder, Amanda Bradford, tells Forbes that her new app The League is an exclusive and private dating network aimed at C-level executives and “people running teams of 300 at Google or Facebook." Some have described it as “Tinder for elitists.”

“I know a lot of guys that aren’t even on dating apps because they are pretty successful, they have teams of people and they are meeting a lot of people every day at work. It’s just too risky for them to have their face seen on a dating app,” Bradford said. “I thought this was a shame, that there was this whole demographic of people that were highly successful but felt too uncomfortable with the openness of dating apps.”

Though still in private beta, The League reportedly has several thousands waiting to join and, according to Businessweek, has members in San Francisco and the New York area. People who sign up through referrals are given preference and each potential member is screened based on factors such as education and professional status.

"If you just let everybody in, it's another dating app," Bradford said.

Once in, members can limit who views their profile and filter who they're shown by age range and other categories (which Tinder can't do).

Among its current members, Bradford said 20 percent are CEOs, founders, co-founders or presidents, 28 percent are director-level or higher, and 45 percent have advanced degrees.

If you think you'll make the cut, download the app here to get on the wait list.