On September 9, 2014, the SF Giants' honorary Play Ball Kid was Vicente Gallardo, MLB.com reports. That Tuesday will live on in Gallardo family infamy forevermore, one might suspect, because it's also the day that young Vicente hit Lou Seal.

The Hayward five-year-old, clearly dazzled by the spotlight, had a hard time spitting out his designated line of "Play ball!" (I don't blame him! I've got 38 years on the kid and I'd be freaked out, too.) But even in a stressful situation, Vicente maintained catlike reflexes! When Lou Seal scooted up behind him and grabbed his shoulder, Vicente struck.

Even as Lou Seal beat a hasty retreat, Vicente continued to admonish the Giants mascot, as you can see in the video below.

Oh, Vicente. You think Lou Seal's scary? You shoulda met Crazy Crab.