Map illustrator Jenni Sparks, who has done whimsical, detailed hand-drawn maps of New York, London, and Berlin for the British outfit Evermade, has just created one for San Francisco featuring everything from Truck bar in the Mission to Cheese Plus on Polk.

It's 2 feet by 2 feet, and will run you about $200 (or £100).

Per the description:

Having spent several months of research, Jenni has managed to illustrate a definitive culture map of the Golden City. Featuring various aspects of San Francisco, from the world-dominating tech corporations and glossy special effects studios to the obscure bondage shops and grimy dive bars, this refreshingly honest map has it all!

And, it was just released, so orders placed before September 22 will receive a signed version. Buy it here.

See the gallery for a few up-close details.