Does anyone remember the last time Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko paid a visit to S.F. in his $323 million Philippe Starck-designed megayacht? It was in 2010, and now, four years later, the yacht has reappeared in the Bay, presumably with Melnichenko and his Serbian model wife Aleksandra aboard, drinking vodka and laughing about how rich they are.

SF Luxe spotted the boat, and posted some lovely pictures of its obscenely posh interior.

According to Forbes, Melnichenko's net worth is $11.4 billion, and he's a self-made billionaire.

From a humble start with a chain of currency-exchange booths, Andrey Melnichenko expanded into banking and then into a huge empire that spans pipe exports, energy and fertilizer. In 1993 he cofounded MDM Bank. In 2000 he teamed up with billionaire Sergei Popov, who sells pipes and metals. Together with billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky, a major pipe manufacturer, they created TMK, Russia's largest pipe exporter.

Forbes says the yacht cost a mere $260 million, so now I don't know who to believe. It features a 2,500-square-foot master suite, three swimming pools, an owner's suite and six cabins. It has a crew of 37 and a staff of five, and twin 6,000-horsepower engines that can reach speeds of 24 knots. Also, the yacht carries 12 tons of water at all times for its hot tubs, pools, and spas.

Sounds boring.

[SF Luxe via 7x7]